Family candle workshop - MaraMa

Our family workshop MaraMa Candles created and produces candles in unique handmade candle holder with dried flowers

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About our family and MaraMa

Hello friends! Thank you for visiting our store, it is nice to meet you. I am Oksana and my husband is Alex. We are from Kharkiv in Ukraine. When the War started in Ukraine we were forced to leave in order to keep our children, Kira & Yehor, safe. We are now rebuilding our lives and also our family business here in the UK 🇬🇧

more about us

  • handmade candlestick

    we use natural materials and we make a candlestick for our candles entirely by hand

  • 100% soy wax and natural fragrances

    we use only 100% high quality natural soy wax and natural aromatic oils

  • worldwide shipping

    We can send our candles to any country in Europe. Also in Canada and the USA

  • discounts for wholesale buyers

    special offers for wholesale buyers, candle shops, online stores

  • wood wick

    we use wooden wicks in our candles. It makes a pleasant crackling sound when the candle burns. Creating a cozy environment in your home

  • candlestick reuse

    after the candle burns out, you can remove the remaining wick and soy wax and use the candlestick again by placing a regular candle in it