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Our family workshop MaraMa Candles created and produces candles in unique handmade glass candlesticks, externally decorated with natural wood decor in organic resin

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About our family and MaraMa

Welcome to Marama Candles, a family business dedicated to crafting exquisite soy wax candles, branded candles, and scented candles since 2008. Our journey began with a passion for creating high-quality, environmentally friendly candles that enhance the ambiance of any space.

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  • Safety

    Our candles are completely safe. We only do the decoration on the outside of the glass. Inside, at the point of contact of the candlestick with the flame, it is still glass.

  • Refill for Candlestick

    after the candle burns out, you can remove the remaining wick and soy wax and use refill In the catalog you will find refill with any fragrance.

  • handmade candlestick

    we use natural materials and we make a candlestick for our candles entirely by hand

  • 100% soy wax and natural fragrances

    we use only 100% high quality natural soy wax and natural aromatic oils

  • discounts for wholesale buyers

    special offers for wholesale buyers, candle shops, online stores

  • wood wick

    we use wooden wicks in our candles. It makes a pleasant crackling sound when the candle burns. Creating a cozy environment in your home