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EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Set

EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Set

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from $54.00 per set (10-25 sets)

The photo is simply an illustration; the candle will be personalized with your branding.

Our bespoke candle sets begin with a minimum order of 10 sets, priced at $45 each. This includes 3 elegantly branded and exquisitely scented candles, offering a complete sensory experience. For those seeking to make a more substantial impact – be it for weddings, corporate events, or as part of a branding exercise – we're pleased to offer an exclusive tiered pricing model. Orders exceeding 25 sets are eligible for reduced pricing, making it even easier to spread the bespoke charm and aroma of your brand or event.

Understanding that every occasion, sentiment, and space is unique, we offer an exclusive service where both the design of the candle and the imagery or label adorning it are developed individually for each client. The image provided is merely a glimpse into the possibilities – a canvas for your imagination.

For Order

Please complete the form below and upload your logo to initiate your order. We will provide multiple design samples and offer a price quote tailored to your specified quantity. Additionally, we are happy to mail you a completed sample along with fragrance options to review.

Elevate your brand's presence and create lasting impressions with our EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Set. Expertly crafted for corporate gifting and promotional endeavors, this premium set features three exquisitely scented, natural soy wax candles. Each candle, customizable with your company's logo, embodies sophistication and sustainability. Choose from over 15 enchanting scents to curate a memorable, sensory experience for your recipients. The candles are housed in elegantly designed jars with lids, perfect for any decor. Utilizing cutting-edge direct ultraviolet printing technology, we ensure your brand's visuals are displayed with crisp clarity and durability. Ideal for a broad range of corporate gifting occasions, from customer appreciation to employee recognition, the EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Set comes in durable, branded gift packaging, with a minimum order of just 10 sets. Before finalizing your order, we offer the unique service of providing visualization options and a test sample bearing your logo, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Order now and ignite a sense of brand loyalty with every flicker.

Benefits of Branded Gifts Like EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Sets:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Custom branding on each candle jar and packaging increases your brand's exposure, keeping your business top-of-mind with every use.
  • Sustainable Impression: Made from natural soy wax with eco-friendly wicks, these candles promote your company's commitment to sustainability.
  • Personalized Experience: Offering over 15 different scents allows recipients to enjoy a tailored sensory journey, enhancing the perceived value and thoughtfulness of the gift.
  • Versatile Gifting Solution: Perfect for a wide range of occasions, including sweepstakes, closing gifts, customer appreciation, and employee recognition, these sets are adaptable to your marketing needs.
  • Memorable Unboxing: Packaged in durable, branded gift packaging, recipients enjoy a premium unboxing experience that elevates the gifting moment and reinforces brand loyalty.
  • Sample Before Commitment: The unique proposition of receiving a test copy with your branding and scent samples ensures that your order perfectly aligns with your expectations.

Embrace the power of distinctive, branded gifting with our EcoScent Custom Soy Candle Set, and watch your brand's light shine brighter with every glow.


Candlestick - glass

Branding - direct UV printing

Candle - 100% soy wax and wood or cotton wick

Eco Scents - more 15 natural types

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