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MaraMa Candles

Luminous Beginnings: White Matte Candle for Realtor Closing Gifts

Luminous Beginnings: White Matte Candle for Realtor Closing Gifts

from CA$45 per item (10-25 items)

The photo is simply an illustration; the candle will be personalized with your branding.

The price listed applies to orders ranging from 10 to 25 units. For larger quantities, the price per unit decreases, varying according to the total order size. Upon requesting samples and visualizations, we will provide a precise quote tailored to your specific volume requirements.

Elevate your gift-giving with Luminous Beginnings, a sophisticated set of branded scented candles, making it the perfect choice for realtor closing gifts for buyers. This exclusive set, crafted for the memorable celebration of a new home, includes three or more candles encased in stylish white matte glasses, each topped with a sleek black metal lid. The elegant design ensures these candles blend seamlessly into any home décor, offering a touch of luxury and warmth.

Each candle is filled with natural soy wax and features a cotton wick, promising a clean and enduring burn. Tailor the ambiance of your client’s new home by selecting different scents for each candle in the set, allowing for a personalized olfactory journey from room to room. The customizable aspect of the scents makes this set an ideal housewarming gift, versatile enough to enchant various spaces with unique aromas.

With UV printing technology, we ensure your real estate company's logo or a heartfelt message to your clients is prominently displayed on each candle, creating a durable and vivid branding that stands the test of time. Presented in a single, stylish box, the Luminous Beginnings set is designed not just to illuminate spaces but to symbolize the bright new chapter your clients are embarking on.

To begin crafting this exquisite token of appreciation, simply fill out the form below, attaching your logo or personal message. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting visualization options and will send you a sample set along with a variety of scent choices, ensuring your gift is as unique and special as the new homeowners themselves.


Candlestick - glass

Branding - direct UV printing

Candle - 100% soy wax and wood or cotton wick

Eco Scents - more 15 natural types

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