Top FAQs for Choosing Custom Branded Gift Candles

  1. How can I personalize candles for my brand within a tight budget?
    Today, personalization can be achieved affordably through full-color sticker labels or ultraviolet printing, allowing for vibrant designs on jar or glass surfaces without a significant cost increase.

  2.  What are the most popular scents for corporate gifts?
    Currently, the most sought-after scents include woody, sandalwood, amber for a rich, earthy aroma, and for the holiday season, various citrus blends, as well as mixes of citrus with cinnamon, are highly popular.

  3. Can I order custom logo candles in bulk for a discount?
    Yes, bulk ordering significantly reduces costs. For instance, the price of a standard 8-ounce candle is between $20-25 for 20 pieces but drops to around $10 each for orders of 1000 pieces, highlighting the advantage of larger orders.

  4. What packaging options are available for branded candles?
    We provide a range of packaging options to fit every budget. By submitting an application form, customers can receive a free visualization with their logo, along with various implementation options tailored to their financial plan.

  5. How do eco-friendly materials benefit my brand image?
    Using eco-friendly materials such as natural plant waxes and recycled containers not only supports environmental sustainability but also enhances your brand's image by aligning with contemporary values of responsibility and care for the planet.

  6. Are there any setup fees for customizing candles with my logo?
    Our pricing includes the cost of applying and printing your logo. The final price may vary slightly based on the print's complexity and the logo's color count, but these adjustments are minimal.

  7. How long does it take to produce and deliver custom candles?
    Production times vary with seasonal demand and order size. We advise ordering well in advance, especially before the Christmas season. Typically, a batch of 100 candles can be produced within a work week.

  8. Can I choose different scents for bulk orders?
    Absolutely. Bulk orders can be divided into different scents, and we'll indicate the variety on the labels, offering flexibility and personalization for your order.

  9. What is the minimum order quantity for custom candles?
    To accommodate our customers' diverse needs, we set a minimum order of 20 candles per order, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes.

  10. How do custom candles compare to other promotional items in terms of effectiveness?
    Custom logo candles are a relatively new and effective promotional tool. They evoke warmth, aroma, comfort, and light—positive associations that will be linked with your brand, making them a standout choice for memorable branding.


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