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MaraMa Candles

"BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles" - Illuminate Your Brand on a Budget

"BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles" - Illuminate Your Brand on a Budget

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from $20.00 per unit (10-25 units)

The photo is simply an illustration; the candle will be personalized with your branding.

The price listed applies to orders ranging from 10 to 25 units. For larger quantities, the price per unit decreases, varying according to the total order size. Upon requesting samples and visualizations, we will provide a precise quote tailored to your specific volume requirements.

Affordable Branding Solutions for Every Occasion

Introducing BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles, the ideal solution for businesses seeking impactful yet affordable promotional items. Crafted with care, these 6oz soy scented candles are presented in elegant ceramic jars, ready to be customized with your logo. With competitive pricing including logo application and a low minimum order of just 10 pieces, BrandWarmth Candles are perfectly suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to offer a personal touch to their promotional efforts.

High-Quality Customization at Unbeatable Prices

BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles are a standout choice for those in search of business promotional items cheap, cheap custom candles, inexpensive holiday gifts for clients, and low-cost promo items. Your brand's logo can be vibrantly printed on the ceramic jar, lid, and the individual packaging box using advanced full-color UV printing, ensuring a crisp, bright finish that makes your brand shine. This level of personalization, combined with the candle's sophisticated presentation, makes each piece a memorable gift for clients or employees.

Quick Turnaround, Enduring Impressions

Despite their affordability, BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles do not compromise on quality or the ability to convey a warm, personal message from your brand. Ideal for use as a promotional giveaway, a complementary part of a main gift, or as a standalone token of appreciation, these candles serve as a testament to your company's thoughtful consideration, delivering warmth and brand visibility in one package.

Seamless Ordering for Tailored Results

Obtaining your bespoke BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles is a smooth and straightforward process. By completing the form provided below, you can initiate the order for visualization samples featuring your logo. We are committed to providing an array of design options, ensuring the final product resonates with your brand identity and meets your promotional objectives.

Conclusion: A Versatile Promotional Tool for All

BrandWarmth Ceramic Candles are the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes seeking an effective way to enhance their brand presence through thoughtful, personalized gifts. Ideal for any occasion, these candles are particularly suited for those searching for business promotional items cheap, cheap custom candles, inexpensive holiday gifts for clients, and low-cost promo items. Offering both high-quality customization and affordability, BrandWarmth Candles ensure your brand is remembered fondly through every flicker of light.


Candlestick - glass

Branding - direct UV printing

Candle - 100% soy wax and wood or cotton wick

Eco Scents - more 15 natural types

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